When you 'dish' upon a 'bar,' makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you… especially at this DIY (dream-it-yourself) restaurant, FiRE + iCE, walking distance from Disneyland®!

The massive Anaheim GardenWalk is home to so many cool shops and restaurants it’s hard to keep track – including the legendary House of Blues. But, we’re here today to talk about the joint right across the way from this epic music hall, FiRE + iCE.

While you may have eaten Mongolian BBQ before, forget what you know, because this place is any ordinary spot’s hipper, more interesting cousin for one big reason – everything at FiRE + iCE is truly customizable.

You want tacos? They got you. Pizza? Every Friday! A juicy burger with all the fixin's – you bet. Your standard stir fry? They have that, too, with every sauce under the sun to spice it up a bit.

Chef at FiRE + iCE

Stir Fry at FiRE + iCE

In true FOODBEAST fashion, we had to make the most of this DIY (dream-it-yourself) scenario by coming up with some wild creations.

The best part is that the chefs are down to make whatever your heart desires, so they were amped about preparing our wacky creations.

Create-Your-Own Fajita Pasta  at FiRE + iCE

To test the waters, we assembled a classic stir fry but opted for mango habanero sauce for an extra kick. From there we amped up REAL fast with Fajita pasta – just your standard fajita fixings atop a bed of fresh penne and garnished with loads of shredded cheddar, cilantro, and fried tortilla strips.

FiRE + iCE Double-Decker Pulled Pork Burger

This went well so we hit it right in the gut with a double-decker Pulled Pork Burger. We loved every second of it.

Chicken Alfredo Pasta Taco

For the pièce de résistance, we had our chef take the beloved chicken alfredo pasta and put it in taco form, creating the most epic hybrid we’ve tasted in a minute. 

When they say you can make it all at FiRE + iCE, they really aren’t joking. Make sure to check this spot out for nourishment after a long day out at Disneyland®! Your stomach will thank you.