In a city known for world-class entertainment, explore the diverse offerings in Anaheim. From escape rooms to becoming a high-flying trapeze artist, there are unique experiences for everyone. Check out the uncommon fun in Anaheim! 

SwingIt Trapeze

Step out from under the big top and into trapeze lessons. Learn circus and acrobatic moves from the experts at SwingIt Trapeze in Anaheim.

In addition to learning circus-style tricks, SwingIt Trapeze provides strength building and a whole lot of fun!


900 North Maple Street in Anaheim

SwingIt Trapeze

Photo courtesy of SwingIt Trapeze on Facebook

Anaheim Ice

Skate where the pros do. Anaheim Ice offers public skating on both the NHL and Olympic-sized rinks for nominal fees.

And you can even catch a glimpse of the Anaheim Ducks® practice sessions!


300 West Lincoln Avenue

Anaheim Ice

Photo courtesy of The Rinks - Anaheim ICE on Facebook

K1 Speed

K1 Speed offers premium go-kart racing at their indoor track. Novices to enthusiasts can race around the track at speeds up to 45 mph with almost instantaneous acceleration.

Multiple tracks are available for adult racers, and "Arrive and Drive" racing is available for junior go-kart racers.


1000 North Edward Court in Anaheim

K1 Speed go-karts

Photo courtesy of K1 Speed on Facebook


Fly to the edge at FlightDeck with authentic military simulations. You can jump into the cockpit of a fighter jet or Boeing 737 to experience aerial maneuvers or in-air combat. Guests receive classroom training and in-air instruction to ensure a flight they’ll never forget.


400 West Disney Way at the Anaheim GardenWak

FlightDeck Flight Simulation Center

Photo courtesy of FlightDeck on Facebook

Mission Escape Games

You’ve got 60 minutes to unlock the puzzles and get out! Escape “The Hydeout” as you race to solve puzzles and get out before Mr. Hyde appears. If you’re looking for something even spookier, try to “Escape the Darkest Hour: Torture Chamber” with a psychopath on the loose. The Mission Escape Games offer thrilling obstacles and brain puzzling fun.


400 West Disney Way at the Anaheim GardenWak

Mission Escape Games

Photo courtesy of Mission Escape Games on Facebook

Medieval Times

Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament’s brand-new show features a new matriarch plus incredible upgrades to the lighting and sound. Guests will feast on a scrumptious meal while enjoying the pageantry. The tournament features jousting and hand-to-hand combat that will have you cheering on your knight.

Please check venue availability here:

7662 Beach Boulevard in Buena Park


Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

Photo courtesy of Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament - Buena Park on Facebook