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Our Business Intelligence Packages:

  • Event Analytics and Economic Impact

    • Comprehensively incorporates an evaluation of Visit Anaheim's past, present and future booking data to establish baseline trending of origin markets, market segments, booking windows and length of stay.

    • Economic Impact studies the economic benefits to households, businesses, and government alike and represent a critical driver of Anaheim, Garden Grove, and Orange County’s future.

  • Market Analytics

    • Market Analytics comprises the

      processes that enables partners to

      study the effectiveness of selling

      strategies through marketplace

      data trending and comp set


  • Visitor Analytics / Industry Analytics

    • Visitor Analytics studies the patterns of

      travelers though the evaluation of

      travelers' origin, air throughput and

      physical visitation footprints.

    • Industry Analytics compiles

      research, trending data and

      benchmarks on the status of

      Tourism and Hospitality throughout

      the US.



Contact our Business Intelligence team to be equipped with data insights such as market, industry, visitor and event analytics, informing you of comp set data, selling strategies, budgeting and more.


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