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AboutVisit Anaheim Cares

Our Mission

To support youth and family activities through socially responsible initiatives for the betterment of neighborhoods in and around the resort area.

Our Vision 

To see neighborhoods in our community improved through our efforts to support youth and family activities and inspire our hospitality clients and partners to contribute and do the same.

The Power of Giving

At Visit Anaheim, we don’t just promote our destination: We also facilitate giving in the community by those who attend meetings and events, as well as through our own volunteering efforts. We are a philanthropic-minded organization as much as we are a destination marketing organization.

Support us and what we do for the community, consider donating!

Support us and what we do for the community, consider donating!

Partner Giving 

We are fortunate to partner with some incredible organizations through Visit Anaheim Cares. They have spearheaded impactful giving projects of their own, donating to the following organization’s: Children’s Hospital of Orange County, OC Food Bank, Children’s Miracle Network, Orange County Justice Center Foundation just to name a few

partner giving

Meetings & Events Giving

event giving

Visit Anaheim works with meeting planners to find the right fit between their clients and Anaheim- based companies and charitable organizations. Various donations of food, hardware & software, musical instruments, music lessons and sports equipment, have been welcomed by various recipients in the community.

Visit Anaheim Cares recognizes the importance of philanthropy and its role in improving our city’s future, Visit Anaheim staff members regularly participate in many community activities throughout the year.

Our goal is to effectively communicate and demonstrate that the tourism industry cares about the Anaheim and Orange County community- and that local lives are made better through the programs tourism creates, the jobs it provides and its overall economic impact.


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Visit Anaheim Cares is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; Federal Tax ID #82-2703293