Santa Ana, CA – John Wayne Airport invites you to journey through aviation history commemorating a century of flight in Orange County. In 1923, aviation pioneer Eddie Martin founded a flying school and Martin Aviation, one of the nation’s oldest aviation firms. Decades of innovation have transformed the airfield into what is now a commercial and general aviation airport ranked #2 among large airports in North America.

To celebrate this milestone, the John Wayne Airport Arts Program has created an exhibition showcasing the history of flight in Orange County.  The exhibit offers a glimpse into local Orange County heritage and spotlights significant events from the airfield’s inception to the present-day airport. It's a unique opportunity for travelers, residents, and aviation enthusiasts to connect with Orange County’s rich tapestry of aviation history. 

Did you know that in the 1950s, the airfield played host to drag racers and their souped-up, custom cars?  Were you aware that our Arts Program took flight over three decades ago in 1990? Within this exhibit, a century of feats in aviation are collected into a timeline of fun facts and impressive visuals for all to enjoy.

Take a trip back in time as you peek into the visual history of this prominent landmark in Orange County. Filled with an impressive catalog of historical photographs, alongside selected artifacts from the Eddie Martin Estate, this exhibit kicks off 100 Years of Flight in Orange County.

The exhibition will be on view through January 2024 and can be found pre-security on the upper Departure Level in the walkway Gallery between Terminals B and C.

Watch John Wayne Airport's Art Director display 100 years of aviation history in the Orange County: Destination Art & Culture exhibit

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