Certified Tourism Ambassador Program

Who are our Certified Tourism Ambassadors?

Our Certified Tourism Ambassadors (CTAs) are frontline staff who work throughout Anaheim and Orange County and who have the opportunity to meet and interact with our visitors. The CTA Program was created as a nationally recognized certification program for the tourism industry. The program teaches participants about the importance of tourism, facts about the tourism field in Anaheim and Orange County, and how to use resources to enrich the experience of visitors from around the world. The City of Anaheim has supported the development of the Anaheim and Orange County Certified Tourism Ambassador Program since its implementation in February 2009.

The program serves to increase tourism by ensuring every visitor encounter is a positive experience. The CTA Program has resulted in an increased level of customer satisfaction, employee pride in our destination, and personal pride in the role each CTA plays within our Anaheim/Orange County tourism communities. These efforts have resulted in increased visitor numbers, including repeat visitors along with improved perception of our destination. With increased involvement from our industry community, the program continues to grow and thrive to everyone’s benefit.

In addition to being nationally certified as an Anaheim/Orange County Tourism Ambassador, our CTAs receive invitations to CTA Program networking events and are encouraged to wear a CTA designation pin they receive following the training class. They also receive special discounts on select attractions, dining, accommodations, and more to keep them “in the know” about what’s new and changing so they can provide first-hand knowledge and recommendation to our visitors.


To register for an upcoming CTA Training Class, visit the CTA website for more information.
Become a Certified Tourism Ambassador today!

To register for an upcoming CTA Training Class, visit the CTA website for more information.

Become a Certified Tourism Ambassador today!


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  • As a valued Visit Anaheim Partner, we invite you to participate in our Certified Tourism Ambassador (CTA) Program by providing a special offer/discount to our current audience of Visit Anaheim Tourism Ambassadors.

    Our CTA Program success continues since its inception in 2009, with more than 1,000 current CTAs. Our annual renewal rate remains the highest of any CTA Program nationwide. The program content highlights the importance of tourism to our local economy and worldwide while educating industry participants about Anaheim & Orange County. A review of available resources is also included to emphasize how they may be used to enrich visitor experiences.

    Support from community partners is critical to the success and sustainability of the program. By providing an offer or discount, your specific offer will be highlighted in the Visit Anaheim Ambassadors section of the CTA Network Website, under “Freebies & Discounts”. All confirmed CTAs utilize this site regularly to stay informed and updated on all destination information, along with all other CTA opportunities.

    Here is some additional information about the special offer:

    • The offer should be available for the CTA and at least one guest
    • CTAs are required to print the offer coupon that will have their name and current CTA ID noted
    • Photo ID provided by the CTA should be required when redeeming your offer
    • You may limit your offer throughout the year (e.g. one visit per year)
    • We request all offers to be valid for one full year or longer

    This is a great audience to reach, so we ask you to consider providing your best offer to this valuable group of tourism ambassadors to help raise the level of service, knowledge and positive, visitor experience throughout the destination. All “Freebies & Discounts” participants are invited to attend several CTA networking events throughout the year to give you additional exposure to this important audience. 

  • How are “Freebies & Discounts” redeemed and what controls are in place?


    1. Login Privileges: (a) The person must be a ‘Current’ CTA in good standing to even have a password to log in to the system. (b) Anyone who has not renewed is listed as ‘Inactive’ and their login privilege is removed immediately upon transferring them to the Inactive status. (c) Anyone who is applying (and hasn’t yet taken the class and passed the test) is categorized in the system as ‘Applying’, so they will not yet have a login password assigned until they pass the test and the system changes them to ‘Current’.
    2. After the ‘Current’ CTA logs in they need to make sure they select CTA Home, then Freebies & Discounts. This will provide them with a list of all offers.
    3. They will then select their offer and print off a coupon (8½ x 11 sheet) that has their name and CTA ID number on it, as well as full descriptions of the offer, contact name, etc.
    4. The venue can then match the name on the coupon with the person’s photo ID to ensure they are who they represent themselves to be.
    5. Regarding Redemption – The venue will establish the timeframe (range of dates) for which the offer is good, so there is a definite expiration date. The venue can add any special instructions to the coupon to clarify what the CTA is supposed to do, such as “Go to Will Call”; or “See Host/Hostess or Manager on Duty”; etc. This will be printed on the coupon, as well. As mentioned in #4 (above), it can also say “Photo ID required, no exceptions”; or however you would like to word it.
    6. When entering information into the system, the venue can also indicate whether the coupon is good for CTA only, or the CTA and Family. This will also be noted on the coupon. If the venue wants to clarify ‘family’ as ‘immediate family’, they can so state in the instruction area mentioned in #5 (above). The venue will get to proof their entire coupon for accuracy and completeness before they submit it into the system.


    1. Login to the CTA Portal and click "Record My Points" (first blue button at the top of the CTA Portal dashboard)
    2. The Renewal of Certification form will open, which contains five sections:
      • Visiting Attractions
        ⟶ Click "View List of Qualifying Attractions"
        ⟶ Search for the attraction you have visited OR for attractions you want to visit
        ⟶ Click "Record Points for Visiting" – the attraction name will automatically appear on your renewal form!
      • Reading Books, Articles, or Reports
      • Attending CTA Networking Events/Activities
      • Volunteering
      • Attending Educational Programs, Seminars
    3. Record point-earning activities in Sections 2 through 5 by typing in the information in the blank fields (maximum of 3 per section)
    4. Click "Save" at the bottom of each section (be sure to do this before leaving form)
    5. Finalize & Submit Your Renewal: Once you have recorded 50 points, click "Agree to the Terms" of renewal
    6. Click "Submit and Finalize"
    7. Update Profile as needed and click "Save and Continue"
    8. The Payment screen will open; follow instructions to pay your renewal fee and click "Submit"


    ​You're finished!
    Congratulations, you are now renewed through the coming year!



Thank you in advance for your participation and support of this very important program!