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Hotels Near the Disneyland® Resort

For guests planning their stay around days with Mickey Mouse, there are many options for hotels near Disneyland® Park making it easy to find the perfect choice. Unlike more isolated theme parks around the country, it’s easy to stay at an off-property hotel in Anaheim and walk right into the park with Good Neighbor Hotels: Disney-approved quality hotels where many offer free shuttles to the park, so you can enjoy stress-free transportation. 

There’s nothing like staying near the Disneyland® Resort — you’re next door to the fun, close to downtown, and near the many other great attractions that Anaheim has to offer. Anaheim hotels take advantage of ideal weather and a location smack dab in the middle of Southern California. You may be here for the park, but you’re close to everything else that you could want out of a trip to Southern California. In fact, you might not want to leave the hotel to have some fun, as many of the hotels in the area have their very own water parks. 

Many accommodation options have set up shop right around the corner from the Disneyland® Resort, so there are always options for affordable hotels in Anaheim.