Angels Baseball®

Angels Baseball® started as one of the MLB’s first expansion teams in 1961. After a few seasons playing in Los Angeles at Dodger Stadium, they moved to Angel Stadium in Anaheim in 1966, where they’ve played ever since. 


From Humble Beginnings

The team was founded and initially owned by the “Singing Cowboy” Gene Autry, legend of stage and screen. Autry helped turn the Angels from a minor league club to a major league franchise that would become one of the most enduring and popular teams in American sports. 

Angel Stadium has been home to some of the team’s most memorable moments. In 1972, Nolan Ryan pitched the “immaculate inning,” where he struck out three batters on three pitches each. As an Angel, Albert Pujols became the first player to hit 650 career home runs and 650 career doubles. In fact, the Angels won what some analysts consider the most miraculous World Series win in modern baseball when the Angels defied the odds to win the 2002 World Series. As a playoff wild card, players and fans were thrilled to finally “win one for the cowboy!”

In 1996, Disney, who had some stake in the Angels from the beginning, invested enough to take control of the franchise. With help from the finances and imagination of The Walt Disney Company, Angel Stadium was rebuilt and modernized. A trip to the stadium isn’t complete without visiting the Angels Team Store, where visitors can purchase exclusive gear that features their favorite Angels players — from legends like Mike Trout and much more. 


A Team With Traditions

From opening day until the last pitch, seeing an Angels home game is pro baseball at its most energetic. Should the Angels fall behind, the crowd really turns it up with a little help from the rally monkey. The beloved capuchin monkey comes on the Jumbotron dancing to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” to get fans hopping along. Lore says that the rally monkey helped the Angels come back from facing elimination in game six of the 2002 World Series that they would go on to win.


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