House of Blues Anaheim

The new House of Blues Anaheim is a place where music feeds the soul, but the food is darn good too. For 25 years, the House of Blues® has offered “great music, great food, great vibes.”

The location within Anaheim GardenWalk shares the spirit and mission of the House of Blues® franchise, yet offers music fans and diners a unique, fresh experience. 



The House of Blues® is covered from top to bottom in one-of-a-kind folk, outsider, and self-taught art. Colorful paintings, tapestries, and murals make each area of the restaurant and concert hall distinct. Did you know that the House of Blues® owns the world’s largest collection of outsider art? In addition to the pieces reminiscent of southern juke joints, guests may notice many works from local artists, like Audrey Kawasaki.



Previously located within the Downtown Disney® District, the House of Blues® Anaheim has moved into a much larger space at the GardenWalk. The new concert space boasts room for 2,200 in the main hall, as well as three additional stages to accommodate big and small acts alike. The open concept dining room is a break in tradition for the restaurant line, which traditionally features a home facade.



Yet, the House of Blues® Anaheim still feels like you’re at home. Texture, comfy couches, and great conversations from staff add to the warmth of the space. For those of you who had the pleasure of visiting the Sunset location, there are some familiar nods to the past with awning siding and statues reappearing in the new restaurant. To further cement the feeling that you’re at home at the HOB, the concert schedule offers something for everyone. The mission of unity and diversity are demonstrated in the eclectic entertainment line-up. There’s hair metal for my husband one night, and 90’s era ska bands on another for me.

With multiple stages offering a range in capacity, there’s room for them all. Bands just starting out are equally at home like established artists like Billy Idol.



Another highlight to the House of Blues® is the soulful menu. New here? Try the Voodoo Shrimp or Jambalaya with a California craft beer or specialty drink. There’s a separate club menu and an outside street vendor style grill for late night snacks too. 



But the signature experience is the Foundation Room VIP Club, a club-style lounge. Unique to this location, the Foundation Room is open to the public. So, come in, relax in the swanky brown leather booths while servers offer bottle service and exceptional service. A favorite feature is the VIP entrance via a catwalk that allows Foundation Room guests a bird’s eye view of the main dining room.

For more information about specific events happening at House of Blues Anaheim, visit their Concerts & Events page.