Are your meeting, conference, and convention attendees packing their bags for that same old annual gathering? It’s time to mix it up!  A critical component of your event planning is the location selected. We’re sharing a few reasons why it’s important to rotate your event’s geographic location. From expanding your markets to engaging your attendees, a switch-up is simply good business.

While considering your next destination, make sure you beat boredom by spinning your spot to one with world class entertainment and accommodations, plus a proven track record for the incredible.

5 Reasons to Rotate Your Meeting and Convention Locations

Avoid humdrum results and invigorate your audience by incorporating geographic rotation for meetings, conferences, and conventions. 

2. Align with Changes and Growth 

Industry goals and ways of conducting business shift, plus technology advances.  Your destination should be as adept as your company.  When your event’s success is bigger than the space you’ve become accustomed to, it’s time to explore opportunities to offer more space to your guests and exhibitors. 

3. Produce Grander Results

If you’re looking to boost attendee engagement and productivity, avoid the overdone.  Convening in familiar and repeated locales can sometimes feel monotonous. Opting for somewhere new will enhance and revive your event programming.  Your attendees’ elevated excitement will reflect in the outcomes. 

Palm Court at Anaheim Convention Center

4. Foster Connection with Industry Partners or Colleagues

Boost morale and team connection by offering shared experiences through dining and local activities.  Your event destination should offer new opportunities to connect with industry partners or colleagues in memorable ways.  Opt for a location that caters to both casual and upscale meeting needs.

5. Ensure an Overall Safe Experience

Unfortunately, destinations can lose their spark when crime rates and other issues become major safety concerns. Safety is at the core of an attendee’s experience, especially when exploring a new territory. Feel secure in your selection by considering a highly ranked safe city. Did you know that Anaheim is among the top 4 safest cities in the USA? Find out more about attendee safety: 

Save teams from burnout through invigorating your meeting, conference, and convention attendees with a destination that inspires them, a destination like Anaheim and Orange County, California. 

NAMM 2017 at Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim and its surrounding Orange County cities continue to provide opportunities for success.  

Here, you’ll find a variety of experiences and comforts for attendees, plus there’s always something new on the horizon.  Incorporate extraordinary experiences into your visit like a whale watching excursion, an upscale al fresco dinner, or a thrilling theme park adventure. Our destination has plenty to offer, explore more here.

Of course, when you find a location that never disappoints and always has something exciting up its sleeve, like Anaheim, then it’s completely understandable why you would stick with what you know. That’s why the Anaheim Convention Center has been the long-time host of globally recognized and wildly popular conventions like NAMM, D23 Expo, and VidCon. 

If you would like to learn more about our destination and meeting spaces available for your event, contact one of our helpful sales representatives.