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Convention Sales Team

Lora Stanley

Lora Stanley, CTA Vice President of Convention Sales

david dew

David Dew, CTA Director, Convention Sales Midwest Region

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Tom Michalisko, CTA Convention Sales Director, Mid-Atlantic Region

Kimberly Mladenik

Kimberly Mladenik, CTA Director, Convention Sales, Mid-Atlantic Region

Julie Rice

Julie Rice, CMP, HMCC, CTA Director, Convention Sales, Northeastern Region

james robinson

James Robinson, DES, CTA Convention Sales Director, Southwest Region

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Karna Zelidon, CTA Convention Sales Director, Northwest Region

Megan Taguines

Megan Taguines, CTA Coordinator, Convention Sales

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Aubrey Brown, CTA Convention Sales Coordinator

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Haylie Adams, CTA Convention Sales Coordinator

Meeting & Partnership Sales

Mariles Krok

Mariles Krok, CMM, CMP, CTA Vice President, Meeting & Partnership Sales

Quincy Smith

Quincy Smith, CTA Manager, Meeting Sales, Midwest Region

Sue Stemley

Sue Stemley, CTA Manager, Meeting Sales, Eastern Region

Kerensa Summers

Kerensa Summers, CTA Manager, Meeting Sales, Southwest Region

Isaac Gutierrez

Isaac Gutierrez, CTA Manager, Meeting Sales, Northwest Region

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Alaysia Sharma, CTA Coordinator, Sales & Tourism

Destination Services & Events

Sonya Henry

Sonya Henry, CTA Director, Destination Services & Events

Christina Domino-Philpott

Christina Domino-Philpott, CMP, CTA Manager, Destination Events

Tracy Tsang

Tracy Tsang Manager, Destination Services & Events

Melanie Pollak

Melanie Pollak, CTA Manager, Destination Events & Services

Jackie Mayeda

Jackie Mayeda, CTA Specialist, Destination Services & Events

Kelly Grass

Kelly Grass, CTA Manager, Partnership Services

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Carmen Mercado, CTA Coordinator, Destination Services & Events

Orange County Sports Commission

Stay up-to-date on everything happening in Anaheim with our
Meetings & Conventions Newsletter

Stay up-to-date on everything happening in Anaheim with our

Meetings & Conventions Newsletter