Temporary Charging Facility Will Help Power Buses While Permanent Location Is Under Construction

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Jan. 13, 2023) – The Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) announced it has doubled its electric vehicle charging capacity, allowing for continued reliability of its growing electric fleet.  ATN is the first in the nation to use a charging station housed in two recycled shipping containers provided by BP Pulse. 

“This new charging station allows ATN to put our growing zero-emission fleet onto the street immediately,” said ATN’s Executive Director, Diana Kotler. “The location allows us to charge our buses along our routes, instead of requiring all buses to be charged at our headquarters, saving time and guaranteeing the efficiency of our transit system.  With the addition of this charging capability, we are well prepared to continue to grow our electric fleet, with a goal of being 100% electric by 2026.”

The container-based charging system began charging buses the first week of 2023.  ATN is using the new charging station to power both 60- and 40-foot electric buses until ATN’s permanent charging facility is completed this fall.  The public transit operator will continue to charge vehicles at its current headquarters as well.

“The container-based technology will enable ATN to seamlessly meet the charging needs of our electric bus fleet while our new clean-air transit hub in Anaheim is under construction,” stated Kotler. “We are pleased to continue to provide clean-fuel transit options for the residents, visitors and employees in our region.”

ATN provides clean-fuel transit service to 10 million residents, commuters, and visitors annually.  Service hours, routes and destinations can be found at www.RideArt.org.