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Resorts in Anaheim & Orange County

If you want to make your vacation feel like an escape, you may want to consider an Anaheim resort hotel. Many of our resorts are in a central location with calm surroundings and gorgeous views of the ocean or the mountains that surround Orange County. From fine dining on-site to waterparks, many of our resorts offer exciting amenities that allow you to enjoy a full vacation experience on the property itself, meaning the fun can continue even after you come back from a day of exploration.

In fact, you might be tempted to take a day off from sightseeing and simply relax. Rooftop bars from which to catch our beautiful sunsets, cool pool scenes, and luxurious spas—these are just a few of the many reasons that visitors chose to relax at a resort in Orange County. 

Resorts often have large properties set up for strolling, lounging, or spending some time out in the California sun golfing or playing tennis. You can even learn to surf on private beaches.  Don’t worry about being too far from your favorite attractions. Anaheim Resort Transportation is set up for visitors who want to go sightseeing during the day and retire back to tranquility.