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Anaheim Convention Center
Health & Safety Guidelines


The Anaheim Convention Center ensures unparalleled service and a world-class experience while taking steps to safeguard public health for event organizers, attendees, partners, and employees.

On-Site Services

  • Listed below are highlights of the operational and sanitizing process for safe operations.

    • Follows all mandated state, local and federal guidelines
    • Training to ensure protocols are in place for services
    • Daily trainings on hygiene standards are included in all pre-shift service meetings
    • Conducts hygiene audits and spot checks throughout the course of the service period
    • Ensures proper protective equipment for all team members during services
    • Operational plan includes a process to ensure that service stations have sanitizer available for attendees as well as at employee service locations
    • Culinary team has curated a wide selection of pre-packaged menus and will customize service items accordingly with event types
    • Offers a variety of presentation styles and vessels to ensure safety measures are upheld
    • Cleaning schedules have been adjusted to increase frequency of high-touch areas, which includes both front of the house and back of the house operations
    • Catering services has a clean team program responsible for working with the orange county health care agency and focused on safety protocols
  • Technology Services has developed processes and protocols including, but not limited to, the following return-to-work procedures as well as following Anaheim Convention Center overall guidelines.

    Service Desk Operations

    • Hand sanitizer will be available for team members and clients at the service desk.
    • Service desk and equipment that must be touched, such as monitors, keyboards or other equipment, will be cleaned and disinfected at least once per hour and upon a service desk shift change.
    • Requests for pricing will be available through QR code displayed at the service desk.
    • All rental equipment and material (phones, network switches, adapters, cables, etc.) will be sanitized and disinfected upon its return to our warehouse or storage room.

    Service Installation and Equipment Delivery Protocols

    • All rental equipment and material (phones, network switches, adapters, cables, etc.) will be cleaned (wiped down to remove dirt and debris), disinfected (sprayed or wiped down using an EPA-approved coronavirus disinfect solution) and placed in a plastic bag sealed with tamper tape. Rental equipment will be required to be picked up at the service desk and will be inspected by both a Technology Services team member and the receiving client to ensure the rental equipment was not compromised.
    • Any equipment that requires a Technology Service technician to install at the booth/meeting room/event space will be done so in the presence of the client. The technician will disinfect the equipment prior to leaving the space.
    • All service lines installed (telephone, internet cables) will be installed using normal installation procedures. However, after the connection is tested for quality assurance, and before the recipient of the service arrives onsite, Technology Services’ technicians will disinfect the final six feet of the service line and tag the line with a disinfected notification card listing the date of install.

    For further information on SmartCity guidelines, view the Safe Meetings Health & Safety Guidelines.

  • Production Services is committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace for all customers, business partners, and employees. With that, team members will be required to follow the overall guidelines of the Anaheim Convention Center as well as those for disinfecting equipment between uses. 

    Daily Office and Storage Space Cleaning Routines:

    • Handwashing signs will be displayed for awareness and to remind team members to follow public health best practices.
    • Encourage cleaning of personal cell phones, tools, keys and team member-owned face coverings and other protective equipment on a routine basis.
    • Hand sanitizer and approved chemicals will be available for team member use in both office and storage rooms.
    • Daily high-touch items should be regularly wiped clean using approved cleaners:
    • Tools (truss wrench, measuring devices, pliers, lifts and ladders)
      • Wipe high-touch areas prior to use.
      • Avoid cross-use of hand tools when possible.

    Meeting Space Refresh:

    • Prior to an event starting time and between sessions, a technician will use approved cleaners to wipe down all high-touch areas of Production Services equipment:
      • Microphones
      • Production Services music devices
      • Remotes, slide advancers, wireless mice, laser pointers
      • iPads
      • Podium surfaces for those provided by Production Services
      • Landline phones (managed telecom venues)
      • Faders and dimmers
      • Flipchart markers
    • Technicians will fill out cleaning verification card with their name, signature, and date and time indicating when the cleaning was completed, approximately one hour prior to event starting time.
    • Production Services representatives will meet guest in room beforehand to make introduction, test equipment, verify cleaning and leave alcohol sanitizer tear pack with presenter.
    • As an extra step to Production Services' quality control process, all contact points will be wiped with approved cleaners when striking the equipment.

What health and safety guidelines are in place?

Anaheim and Orange County returned to business as usual. Event organizers may choose to develop health and safety guidelines that are stricter than current public health guidance. Protocols set forth by event organizers are required since they are considered private events. Please check the event's website for more information.