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Anaheim is home to unforgettable and uncommon experiences that make excellent content for print, broadcast, and digital stories. Our Communications team is here to provide insight, access to interviews, and all kinds of assets that will assist you as you develop stories, promote content and feature the people, businesses and locations that make Anaheim unique.

Contact our team for help discovering local stories full of color and to assist with any breaking news needs. We’re available for fact-checking, press access and tours, and high-resolution assets to ensure quality presentation for print, digital, and broadcast outlets. 


Media Relations

Lindsay Swanson

Lindsay Swanson, CTA Director, Communications

Visit Anaheim palm tree

Breanne Flores Manager, Communications

Visit Anaheim palm tree

Sara Hartanov, CTA Coordinator, Communications

Influencer Relations

Wesley Kirkpatrick

Wesley Kirkpatrick, CTA Manager, Social Media

Visit Anaheim palm tree

Jenna Holcomb, CTA Specialist, Social Media