The combination solar canopy and overhead electric vehicle charging solution will generate energy to drive 1.2 million ATN bus miles per year

Anaheim, Calif. (April 26, 2024) – Today, the Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN) opens its solar-powered EV charging hub, “The Charge,” that will provide charging for ATN’s fleet of 80 battery electric buses. The facility marks a significant achievement for the Anaheim-based public transit system on its path to becoming the region’s first all-electric bus fleet.

“Over twenty years ago, ATN set out on an ambitious sustainability journey to electrify our fleet. This goal was driven by our desire to improve the region’s air quality, address congestion, and assist with job growth in the region,” stated Diana Kotler, CEO. “We are grateful to have the consistent support of our federal, state and local leadership and we are proud to bring this innovative and groundbreaking charging depot to our community. This is a paradigm shift in public transit which will provide resilient, efficient, and sustainable public transit in the region.”

ATN worked with bp pulse to lead the design and construction of the charging depot. Now in operation, bp pulse will provide real-time monitoring of EV charging operations, ensuring chargers are operated at the right time to recharge vehicles, manage utility power requirements, track bus and charging data, and coordinate with the solar and battery components to optimize energy usage.

“bp pulse has worked with ATN since 2020, and from the beginning, our teams have been committed to providing a seamless EV fleet operation to operators, drivers, and riders in the region,” said Sujay Sharma, CEO bp pulse Americas. “We are grateful for the continued trust and relationship with ATN as we have worked together to provide innovative solutions for ATN’s fleet of electric vehicles.”

REC Solar designed and coordinated the installation of a 514 kW solar canopy covering the charging area, providing 25% of ATN’s total expected energy consumption. To provide the site with renewable energy, the solar canopy supplies power when the sun is shining and integrates seamlessly into the microgrid system. There are over 30,000 feet of buried conduit under the charger depot equivalent to 5.68 miles.

“As more organizations implement fleet electrification plans, integrating solar and battery storage will be essential for achieving their zero-emission goals. And by combining EV infrastructure and solar financing through PPAs, organizations have the unique ability to greatly increase cost savings,” said REC Solar CEO Robb Jetty. ”ATN has long been dedicated to mitigating climate change by reducing its carbon footprint and we’re proud to have contributed to their sustainability efforts.”

REC Solar will continue to own, operate and maintain the solar canopy – and bp pulse will manage and maintain the charging system and infrastructure -- for a fixed rate over the life of the 20-year agreement. ATN’s charging depot is the first to be commercially available and covered by a power purchase agreement (PPA) financing model.

This PPA brings predictability to ATN’s budget, reduces exposure to high rates and maximizes EV savings. Overall, ATN estimates the solar-powered EV charging facility will help to save $4.8 million in fuel over 20 years as compared to liquid natural gas or compressed natural gas.

The availability of ATN’s clean transportation services eliminates 2.5 million automobile trips from local streets each year and reduces Anaheim’s criteria air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions by 4.3 metric tons – over 9.4 million pounds.

Serving over nine million residents, visitors, and resort employees annually, ATN connects local destinations such as employment hubs, theme parks, sport venues, neighborhoods, shopping centers, and the ARTIC regional transportation center. ATN not only offers visitors and residents a convenient, affordable transportation option, but delivers important environmental and quality of life co-benefits.


About Anaheim Transportation Network

Operating as the flagship program of the Anaheim Transportation Network (ATN), Anaheim Regional Transportation (ART) is a network of interchangeable bus routes with service to more than 70 stops in and around Anaheim and Orange County. ART also collaborates on long-distance connections with regional transportation providers, as well as with the City of Anaheim on transit initiatives for the region. ART transports more than 9 million guests each year using a fleet of 81 buses, all of which are certified clean- fuel vehicles running on either natural gas or electricity.