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The Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival is in full swing at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. With this festival bringing foodies to Anaheim to try the best Disneyland festival foods, we wanted to take a look at some of the other unique food locations and offerings around Anaheim.

In addition to some great restaurants directly located near Disneyland, there is also a special marketplace in downtown Anaheim that features fantastic local flare in an inspired space. We'll dive into a couple of different locations you should try.

We visit Disneyland at least weekly and are always trying out the latest offerings there and around Anaheim. The below recommendations are based on our own experiences. As you are looking into a spring Anaheim vacation, be sure to consider the Spring Into Savings offer from Get Away Today and Visit Anaheim. They have teamed up to offer an extra day and night free in the Anaheim area. See promotion details here.

Anaheim Packing District - En Familia

Our first offering is located within the Anaheim Packing District which is home to the Anaheim Packing House and a couple of other buildings that feature high-quality cuisine. Billed as a food enthusiast's dream 10 minutes from the Happiest Place on Earth, this collection of restaurants is a wonderful addition to your trip. The heart of the Packing District is located in an old Sunkist Oranges packing facility that dates back to the years when citrus was what gave the county its name. We'll dive into a location inside the main building below, but first let's go to a recently opened location that is right next door.

Image of a steak sliced on top of a brown, wooden cutting board. A small cup of brown beans with white cheese on top sits at the top right-hand corner of the image. A small cup of red sauce sits in the bottom left-hand corner of the image.

If you are already taking an Uber or Lyft back from Disneyland to your hotel there’s no reason not to consider adding a stop at the Anaheim Packing District for dinner. This spot is a very quick drive from Disneyland.

This sit-down restaurant, known as a modern Mexican kitchen, delivers a delicious array of flavors as it brings Mexican spices to upscale meats, seafood, and vegetables. We recently had a chance to sample a wide variety of the menu and the offerings did not disappoint. This is a Mexican-style steakhouse helmed by an experienced chef who is using this location to deliver his top creations.

Our favorites were shrimp which came stuck into a massive pineapple slice, the delicious wood-fired prime tomahawk steak, and an incredible side dish featuring a wide array of mushrooms. Don't fill up on the chips and salsa that they offer here! Far too many other great food items to dig into.

Anaheim Packing House - Sacred Junk Bar & Healthy Junk

Located just off the side of the Anaheim Packing House, the Sacred Junk Bar and Healthy Junk are two locations from the same owner that deliver great drinks and fun food.

The Sacred Junk Bar serves up ambitious cocktails and mocktails that everyone can enjoy in the comfortable outdoor lounge setting. They have very fun garnishes that make even ordering a soda very interesting.

The Healthy Junk location which is located just inside from the outdoor bar serves up vegan pizzas that are surprisingly good. You'll also find delicious veggie burgers and takes on calzones here. The goal here is to deliver vegan food versions of classic "junk food" offerings. While you're at the Anaheim Packing House, be sure to also peruse some of the other stalls and food spots. You'll find great ice cream and other desserts perfect for a stop after your meal.

Loaded Bunny Fries from The Healthy Junk

The Top of the V at The Viv Hotel

Previously the Radisson Blu, The Viv Hotel has added unique touches to this modern hotel tower property. My favorite part of the hotel is the rooftop lounge and restaurant which offers sweeping views towards Disneyland. This is a perfect rooftop outside Disneyland to take in the fireworks.

The Viv HotelThe menu here is quite upscale as are the vibes. For dinner, we ate the Wild Atlantic Salmon and the European Sea Bass. The brown butter on the European Sea Bass is delicious. We also really enjoyed the Toy Box Squash and the Patatas Bravas.

If you are looking for the best hotel near Disneyland, you may also consider a stay at The Viv Hotel if you are open to an upscale hotel that is a drive away but still feels attached to Disneyland. If you're staying here or coming to eat, you'll want to take rideshare or the ART bus.

House of Chimney Cakes

This is a local spot that offers up fun Instagrammable Hungarian desserts made from Hungarian sweet bread with a crispy exterior and fluffy dough on the inside. The name comes from the cylinder shape of the dough and the hollow center that makes this dessert resemble a chimney. This shop combines the classic dessert with soft-serve ice cream and toppings.

House of Chimney CakesThere are also vegan offerings including pineapple Dole Whip, which is already one of our favorite foods at Disneyland. This is a fun spot to add to your Anaheim vacation to try out another great food offering.

Golden Road Brewing Anaheim

Though "brewing" is in the restaurant name, the food here is fantastic. Located right next to the Anaheim Angels stadium, this indoor-outdoor brew pub has a great set of food options that are fresh and high quality. You could opt for the classic brewery options like the chicken tenders or go for more fresh food like the Poke Nachos or Beet Salad. The cookie skillet is also a must for dessert.

Golden Road BrewingWe enjoyed a recent outdoor meal here where we sampled a variety of menu items and their housemade beers. This location is within the Anaheim ART bus service in Anaheim and we were able to use the direct on demand shuttle option to hop out here from Disneyland with no issues. This was much easier than moving a car from the Disneyland parking lot.

There are a variety of great food options in and around Anaheim that we didn't even mention here. These are all great options to add on to your Disneyland trip.

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