Celebrity sightings at the Happiest Place on Earth? Here are eight tips and tricks to spotting them. 

Disneyland® has always been a hotbed for celebrity activity. Ask any annual passholder and they’ve surely spotted a star or two over the years trying to blend in with all the non-famous people swarming the grounds. If you’re like us, nothing could make the happiest place on earth better then spotting an A-lister in a pair of mouse ears.

On a daily basis, there are generally two or three well-known names hanging out in the park. Celebrities can range from your local newscasters to YouTubers to the Brad Pitts and Oprahs of the world. If you keep your eyes open and apply some of the below tips, we’re sure you’re in for some good sightings.

First, we want to give you a few ideas on how to spot them. Then, we’re going to show you which celebrities were recently there and how you may have seen them if you were properly prepared.

#1 Watch for VIP Tour Guides (the ones in red plaid)

Ok so here’s probably the most important one - with the thousands of people walking the park at any given minute, it’s not always easy to spot a famous face. Especially if they are wearing a hat and sunglasses. However, if you spot a handler in plaid, check out who he or she is walking with.  There’s a good chance it could be someone famous. After all, those guided tours cost a pretty penny. Most people can’t afford a day trip of that caliber unless their pockets are pretty deep.


#2 Follow @DisneyParkCeleb on Twitter & @DisneylandCelebrities on Instagram

These are live up-to-the-minute feeds that retweet and repost anyone who has spotted a celebrity in the park. Once someone has been seen, we suggest heading to that side of the park and keeping an eye on these social accounts to see where else they pop up.  You just might get lucky.

#3 Keep up-to-date on Celebrity Social Media

Celebrities love posting pictures from inside the mouse house. When you see your favorite star posting at the park, good chances are they’re still there. Start hunting, watch their Instagram stories and keep tabs on where they’ve been and where they might be headed.


#4 Ride Exits / Backstage Doors

Most stars aren’t waiting in line like the rest of us. So how do they get to the front without using a fast pass? Simple, they go in through the exit and head straight to the front. Keep an eye out for people headed against traffic on the exit of a ride. Also, if you see a group of people slipping in and out of doors no one else is using, it’s probably because VIP hosts are using the backstage as a way to avoid traipsing A-listers through the crowds.


#5 Club 33 / Walt’s Apartment

Head to New Orleans Square and look for the door marked 33 on Royal Street. The super-exclusive club often has famous guests slipping in and out of its door. Same goes for Walt’s apartment which hangs over the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean. Take a look up at the balconies. Not many run-of-the-mill guests are allowed to wander that area. There’s a good chance it’s someone worth seeing.


#6 Bodyguards

This one might seem obvious, but if you happen to catch a few very large individuals surrounding someone in sunglasses, you might want to get out your camera.


#7 VIP Sections at Parades and Shows

Celebs love shows too, so keep an eye on the roped off areas that don’t get seated until the last second.  Many times, right as the lights go down, in come the heavy hitters to cause less of a distraction.

#8 Hashtags

As for our last tip, if you’re on Twitter or Instagram simply keep checking in on the hashtags #DisneylandCelebs and #DisneylandCelebrities - those are the most popular hashtags used by eagle-eyed parkgoers. Be the first to see what’s happening and who’s where.

Now that you know HOW to spot them, let’s dive into who was recently snapped enjoying a day at Anaheim’s most popular hangout.

Christian Bale

Batman himself was seen enjoying a leisurely ride on Dumbo with his family a few days ago. The Oscar winner wasn’t hard to miss as hordes of fans snapped pictures as he sat back and enjoyed Fantasyland’s most famous attraction. 


Kobe Bryant

The basketball superstar is a regular at the park, after all, he is a father of four. It’s no surprise the former Laker had to check out Galaxy’s Edge.  He definitely wasn’t hard to spot at 6’ 6”.


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom

The recently engaged couple, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, made a quick trip to the park to check out everything Star Wars Land has to offer.  Katy stood out in a neon orange outfit, black fanny pack and topped off her look with a hat. Orlando, on the other hand, opted for a jean jacket and black pants.

Jennifer Garner

The park’s newest land is bringing in star-power pretty consistently. A few weeks ago, Jennifer Garner was snapped strolling through the amusement park with her and Ben Affleck’s daughter Seraphina. Both ladies were decked out in purple as they wandered around Galaxy’s edge.

Selena Gomez

Latina superstar Selena Gomez is a pretty regular visitor. Even famously passing on the 2019 Met Gala and opting for a Disney night with friends instead. Well, the singer was back a few months later stopping to pose with fans as she strolled around wearing an all-black ensemble and a pair of trendy sunglasses.

Brie Larson

One of Disney’s newest superheroes made her way through Frontierland as she headed to Galaxy’s Edge. Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, was dressed down in a pair of blue jeans and dark T as she made her across the bridge and into visit Chewbacca.

Gal Gadot

Brie wasn’t the only superhero at the park recently. Wonder Woman Gal Gadot took her family for a day of fun in the sun. The Israeli actress was led around by plaid and had plenty of protection from some hired guards.  After all, every step of her journey was documented by hundreds of fans excitedly catching a glimpse of the DC superstar.


This one is going to come as no surprise if you keep up with the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian West and family are regulars at the park. Kim even famously rented out parts of the park for her daughter North West’s 2nd birthday. Well, they were back once again with sister Kourtney and all the kids. Surprisingly enough, the clan strolled right down main street and into the park. Then again, not all celebs roll with as many bodyguards as the Kardashians.

These were just a few of the MAJOR stars that navigated through the gauntlet of tourists at the world’s most popular theme park.  Keep your eyes peeled because there are dozens of social media celebrities gracing the park on the regular to take their photos with the Mouse.