Take me out to the ball game! Buy me some peanuts and some of the most drool-worthy ballpark bites. Angel fans are hungry for the “W,” but they’re also hungry for burgers, pretzels, and barbecue. The Big A is home to the classic ballpark fare you love, but you’ll also find all-star new menu items to enjoy. Check out these Ballpark Bites now available at Angel Stadium!

Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Brewery X

You’ll find one of Anaheim’s favorite craft breweries on the Right Field Club Level in section 349. Savor new items like the BX Burger, Kung Pao Cauliflower, and Huckleberry Crostata.

Image of a red beverage in a clear cup with an "A" logo. The cup is held in front of a green baseball field.

Concession Stands

Continue the savory portion of your food tour through Angel Stadium by sampling the below items. 

  • Chopped BBQ Brisket Mac & Cheese Bowl: Crafty Mac concessions stand in sections 114 and 238
  • Nashville Tenders: Strike Zone Chicken concessions stand in sections 103, 130, 207, 223, 244, 317, 334, 412, and 425
  • Nashville Chicken Sandwich: Strike Zone concessions stand in section 223
  • Buffalo Cauliflower Mac & Cheese Bowl: Crafty Mac concessions stand in sections 114 and 238
  • Carne Asada Nachos: Nacho concessions stand in section 127
  • Out of the Park Dog: Crafty Dog concessions stand at 1st base food court
  • Garlic Fries: sections 103, 130, 207, 317, 334, 412, 425
  • Loaded Potatoes: Spuds in section 130

Image of a red Angels helmet filled with Nachos in front of a green baseball field.
Photo credit @berg_bites on Instagram

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the below items. You have to sample Cathy's Cookies and Dippin' Dots!

  • Dippin’ Dots: sections 109, 124, 238, 412, 429, and 424; portables 103, 124, 207, 230, and 317
  • Crèmily: sections 109, 124, 133, 238, 412, 424, and 429
  • Corner Markets: sections 112, 123, 222, 305, 342, 412, 418, and 424
  • Cathy’s Cookies: gates 1, 4, and Cathy’s Cookies concessions stand in section 432
  • Ice Cream: sections 109, 124, 207, 238, 317, 334, 412, and 429, plus all Corner Markets locations
  • Lemon Meringue Tart: concessions stand in section 334

Image of two red helmets filled with dippin' dots ice cream being held in front of a green baseball field.
Photo credit @justfeedher on Instagram

You can also score new sweet items like the Mocha Mouse, Jumbo Brownie, Banana Cream Pie and Rice Krispie Treats from concession stands in section 334.

In-seat Service

Stay in your seat and savor the flavors of the ballpark during your next game. All of the below items can be ordered and enjoyed right from your seat when sitting in sections 114-122 and 309-343.

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
  • Barbacoa Burrito
  • Southwest BBQ Burger

Join us in digging into Angels Baseball and delicious dishes from around the stadium during this year's season. We’ll see you in the stands, Angels fans!