Stunning coastline, vibrant cities, and diverse natural landscapes–whether you're a beach lover, a foodie, or an adventure seeker, there's something for everyone in Orange County. However, as responsible travelers, it's crucial to explore and enjoy Orange County in a way that preserves its natural beauty and supports local communities. 


What is Responsible Travel?

Responsible travel is all about being mindful of the impact your trip has on the environment, culture, and economy of the destination you're visiting. It's about making choices that contribute positively to the local community and reduce your environmental footprint.


Here's how you can be a responsible traveler in Orange County:


Kimpton Shorebreak Suite Huntington Beach

1. Choose Sustainable Accommodation

When booking your stay, opt for eco-friendly hotels or lodges that have implemented energy-saving measures, reduce water usage, and support local initiatives, like Kimpton Shorebreak Resort. The resort’s green program includes recycling, water preservation, and a partnership with Clean the Water which recycles partially used soap, shampoo, and lotion. 


Another hotel making a difference is Anaheim Eden Roc Inn & Suites which has replaced individual plastic amenity bottles with refillable ones for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. They also encourage guests to reuse towels to preserve water and reduce the use of harmful chemicals.



Poppy and seed Anaheim Sustainable Restaurants

2. Support Local Businesses

Choose to dine at locally-owned restaurants and purchase souvenirs from local artisans. This not only supports the local economy but also allows you to experience authentic Orange County culture.

Savor the region at Poppy & Seed, an upscale American restaurant set inside a modern greenhouse within the Anaheim Packing District. They source all their food supplies locally to support farmers and fishmongers from San Pedro to the Central Valley and the coffee they serve comes from a local female-owned roaster, Sir Owlverick’s.


If you’re looking for local treats and crafts, there’s no better place than one of Anaheim or Orange County’s plenty of Farmers Markets



FRAN Anaheim Transportation

3. Use Sustainable Transportation

Orange County has an excellent network of bike lanes and public transit options. Consider walking, biking, or using public transportation to explore the area. If you find yourself in Anaheim, take a ride on the FRAN! Free Rides Around the Neighborhood (FRAN) is Anaheim's micro-transit six-passenger, all-electric on-demand service. Riders can choose to begin and end their trips at one of the predefined stops near popular downtown destinations.

Go further with Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART), a system of interchangeable public routes in-and-around the City of Anaheim and Orange County operated by all-electric buses.



Orange County Nature Hikes

4. Respect Nature

Orange County is blessed with natural wonders like pristine beaches and lush parks. Visitors can explore hiking and walking trails that snake around cities and up through local mountain ranges. No matter where you find yourself enjoying the outdoors, follow Leave No Trace principles by staying on designated trails, disposing of waste properly, and refraining from picking plants or disturbing wildlife.


Responsible travel in Orange County is not just about leaving no trace; it's about leaving a positive impact on this vibrant destination. By making conscious choices during your visit, you can help ensure that future generations can also enjoy the wonders of Orange County. 



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