Through Dedicated Policing, Extended Public Safety Resources, Teaming With Businesses

ANAHEIM, Calif. (Spring 2024) — With more than 25 million yearly visitors, Anaheim is one of the safest visitor destinations thanks to a dedicated policing team supported by the extended resources of the Anaheim Police Department.

In Anaheim, keeping one of the world’s most visited places safe comes down to tourist-oriented policing, a form of community policing where we work with visitor businesses to address concerns, solve problems and deter crime.

It starts with officers patrolling streets, riding on bikes and horseback and looking out from above by helicopter as a reassuring presence for convention center attendees and other visitors.

From there, Anaheim’s tourist policing team works with hotels and other businesses to address crimes that come up and to prevent future problems through collaboration, communication and awareness.

Then there’s security you won’t always see. Anaheim Police works closely with the Department of Homeland Security and state, regional and local law enforcement partners to track and deter potential threats to our city.

Visitors also benefit from the extended resources of the Anaheim Police Department, the largest city police force in Orange County.

Along with officers out among visitors, Anaheim Police keeps people safe through the use of drones, license plate readers and a real-time crime center that allows for the gathering of critical information as officers are responding to an unfolding incident.

Anaheim Police also has advanced tactical teams ready to respond to the most serious incidents that could arise.

We do all this so you can visit with peace of mind.

Anaheim’s tourist policing team is made of two officers dedicated to The Anaheim Resort, a 1,100 acre area that includes the Anaheim Convention Center, theme parks, hotels and other visitor businesses.

In addition, 10 officers and two sergeants serve the Disneyland Resort, which is made up of Disney’s two theme parks, the Downtown Disney District shopping and dining area and Disney hotels.

The teams work together to provide overall public safety in The Anaheim Resort.

Officers keep a pulse on emerging crime trends and work to educate businesses.

Through the Anaheim Crime Alert Network, officers spread the word about incidents and enlist everyone's help in preventing them from spreading.

Police also train hotels and other businesses on active shooter, first aid, fraud and other concerns.

They also work with show organizers, hotels and private security on what to do if there is an emergency, ensuring everyone knows what to do in the first few moments before police arrive.

For decades, Anaheim’s approach to visitor safety has helped prevent countless crimes and made The Anaheim Resort a leader in hospitality security.

As a result, we have successfully hosted presidents, international dignitaries and other high-profile visitors.

On a daily basis, we provide a safe setting for the theme parks, professional sports, top entertainment and largest conventions Anaheim is known for.

Anaheim’s tourism policing team dates back to the early 2000s, when our city expanded beyond Walt Disney’s original Disneyland Park with Disney California Adventure Park, Downtown Disney District and an expansion of the Anaheim Convention Center.

Today, the team is back after a pause during the coronavirus pandemic, which closed Anaheim’s theme parks and the convention center for an unprecedented 13 months in 2020 and 2021.

With few visitors during the shutdown, tourist policing officers returned to regular patrol.

With Anaheim’s visitor economy back in full force, so is our dedicated tourist policing team.

The team also helps keep all of Anaheim safe by freeing officers to serve the rest of our city without having to respond to routine issues in The Anaheim Resort.