Visit Anaheim Study:
Families & Quality Time

ANAHEIM, Calif. (March 20, 2018) – Visit Anaheim, the official destination organization for Anaheim, today released new research on the amount of quality time families spend together proving that vacations are vital in nurturing a strong family relationship. The study, facilitated by 72 Point, polled 2,000 U.S. parents of school-aged children ranging from ages four to 18, and found that 60 percent of parents describe their daily lives as hectic; one in four say lack of family quality time away from chores, work, school or TV is a real problem.

With the average U.S. family only getting seven days a year where they are away from their busy routines and on vacation all together, it makes the decision of where to go and what to do for vacation that much more important. Considering 65 percent of parents report spending more quality time with their children while on vacation, taking the time to plan a family vacation should be top of mind. 

“Today’s families don’t have much time to spend together – that’s why vacations are essential for a family to connect and bond,” said Jay Burress, president & CEO of Visit Anaheim. “A vacation offers a refreshing opportunity for families to leave their busy lifestyles at home and focus on bonding with each other, building memories that last a lifetime.”

Given the fact that vacations are an opportunity to increase quality family time, 67 percent of parents said knowing there is entertainment for their kids guides their decision as to where to go on vacation. However, it can be hard to get the best of everything while away as a family, which is why 55 percent of those studied said they are constantly looking for things they can do as a whole family.

“From the Disneyland® Resort to professional sports, Anaheim is a great destination that offers a long lineup of exciting family-friendly activities and one-of-a-kind date night options,” said Burress. “Anaheim continues growing, evolving and flourishing as a dynamic destination with its own cultural footprint in the cuisine, entertainment, sports, and recreation areas.”

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